The Texas SILC meets a minimum of four times a year. As we are a Statewide Council, we strive to hold our meetings in different locations throughout our state for our members to experience input and representation from both served and underserved populations throughout Texas.  Learning from each other only makes us stronger. ~

Our meetings are open to the public and our meeting notices and agendas are available through our social media and posted on the Texas Secretary of State website. Deaf/Hard of Hearing Friendly: We provide Sign Languages Interpreters, predominately in (ASL) American Sign, but if you Deaf and are accustomed to another form of Sign Language, please do let us know. Hard – of Hearing Friendly: We provide live (CART) – Communication Access Realtime Translations. Visually – Impaired community members, please do let us know what software technologies that may help us facilitate your needs as well.

SILC is committed to providing any reasonable accommodations upon request. Thanks for visiting our accessibility page!

For additional information and/or accessibility accommodation requests, please contact our Executive Administration Assistant on Staff, Christina Goebel: [email protected]