State Plan for Independent Living

The State Independent Living Council’s main purpose is to develop the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL), in cooperation with the Centers for Independent Living. The State Plan for Independent Living is a detailed three-year plan that sets the parameters and establishes the goals for the provision of Independent Living services in Texas.

Texas Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL)

Launched to coordinate peer support services offered by Texans with developmental disabilities living in state-supported living centers, nursing homes, or intermediate care facilities. Texas SILC has partnered with both Valley Association for Independent Living (VAIL) and Disability In Action (DIA) to provide direct services.

Housing Education and Advocacy for Rural Texans (HEART)

In collaboration with Valley Association for Independent Living (VAIL) and Disability In Action (DIA), will increase advocacy for people with disabilities and increase access to integrated, affordable, and accessible housing within the community of their choice.

The Inclusive Services for Survivors in Texas Project (ISST)

ISST project is a collaboration between Texas SILC and its partner, Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, with the goal of increasing supports and services for sexual assault survivors with disabilities. 

Covering All of Texas

Covering All of Texas provides various supports and services to Texans with disabilities to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, if they choose. Covering All of Texas will employ several strategies to serve as a logistical bridge to provide health benefits for individuals with disabilities.

Good Measure

This project is designed to engage people with disabilities throughout the process to harness their knowledge and use their collective intelligence to define evaluation questions, and methods and guide how these results improve planning and programs.