Public Health Workforce (PHWF)

The Texas State Independent Living Council (Texas SILC) partners with Centers for Independent Living throughout Texas to educate, train, and provide technical assistance for people with disabilities to gain access to COVID–19 immunizations to protect and reduce their risk of infections. 

Accessing COVID-19 Immunizations

For the Public Health Workforce project, the Texas SILC collaborates with our partners about Texas consumers accessing the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as evaluating the value of applying a safe health equity lens to neighborhoods, work places, and other at-risk communities to ensure safety for everyone.

Activities for the project involve sharing data with partners, program implementation and evaluation, communications, and the creation of a COVID–19 accessible curriculum and training sessions collectively to prevent disease and promote health equity across diverse and vulnerable communities.

The Project Advisory Committee for the program includes staff and leadership from Centers for Independent Living (CILs) and people with disabilities and advocates.